Android 11 go edition cover

Android 11 Go – Improvements for an entry-level device

Android 11 Go Edition

The special version of Android for basic phones, the Go edition had its news announced by Google this Thursday (10). The company announced that the update offers an app launch 20% faster than version 10, in addition to improving security and compatibility with a greater number of devices.

The Android Go edition was introduced in 2018 to provide a high-quality smartphone experience for entry-level device owners around the world.

Google highlighted, for example, the new notification area dedicated to exchanging messages in different applications, for example, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Android 11 (Go edition) comes with new privacy enhancements that make it easier to control how and when data on your device is shared. 

Source: Google

With one-time permissions, you can grant an app access to specific sensors like your microphone, camera, or location, just in that instance. And if you haven’t used an app for an extended period of time, app permissions will “auto-reset” and you will immediately receive a notification of the change.

Android 11 Go will be offered on devices with 2 GB of RAM. The decision will help manufacturers to include support for more features on the devices, such as digital readers – still out of many basic models – and photosets with more than one camera, also in fashion among entry-level phones.

Google also announced that the standard system consumes less memory, about 270 MB, allowing new models with 2 GB to keep three or four apps open in the background.

Source: Google / Via: CanalTech

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