Top 5 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Under 2000 Rs in India

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Last Update: 15/ 06/ 2021

Hello there, Welcome to the Ocean of gadgets, here we’re with the Top 5 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse under 2000 Rs in India and we’re going to provide you full information about these keyboards and mouse and also we’ll cover some important point that might help you to buy a good one.

In the gaming era, everything is going better and better with modern looks so, if you love to play games or you want a fancy modern looking budget keyboard and mouse then you came to the right place, and not only they look good with RGB lights these cheap keyboard and mouse have some qualities that you’ll love.

Top 5 Keyboard and Mouse Under 2000 Rs

1. HP KM300F Cheap Budget Gaming ComboRs. 1,949
2. Redgear Manta Budget Gaming Keyboard and MouseRs. 1,699
3. Amkette Fire Blade RGB Keyboard and MouseRs. 1,697
4. Cosmic Byte Dragon Gaming Keyboard and MouseRs. 1,399
5. Zebronics Budget Zeb-Transformer Gaming ComboRs. 1,199

1. HP KM300F Cheap Budget Gaming Combo

HP KM300F Budget Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


Here is the HP KM300F Budget gaming combo, and if you like RGB setup and you are a gamer then we are sure you’ll love this product because it has a stylish design on the keys and lights on the back of the keys, it’s an integrated metal panel provides you a durable experience.

Its whole body is scratch-resistant and not easy to rust so these keyboard and mouse combos provide you a gaming interface that makes looks your all setup cooler than before, get these under 2000 Rs in India from amazon easily.

The mouse has its own features like it has the dual-mode switch DPI button you can switch it when you’re in the office or playing games as well, The tail is cool and colorful, the corresponding gear color flashes when DPI is adjusted also makes your gaming experience better.

Smooth edges of the keys make it comfortable when your typing or chatting with someone, and keypress is very smooth and noiseless so it won’t interrupt anyone near you you can play games or type anything you want peacefully.

  • Integrated metal panel
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Dual-mode switch DPI button
  • Compatibility – Windows, Mac OS
  • Dimensions 44 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight 698 g
  • Wired Keyboard and Mouse

2. Redgear Manta Budget Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Budget Redgear Manta MT21 Combo


Redgear is a famous brand in the pc accessories industry so they launched Budget Redgear Manta MT21 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo with a very aggressive look and we can call it a gaming setup, they’re coming with 3 led backlights.

For the gamers, this keyboard has a big advantage when you’re in the game and in an intense fight then sometimes windows send you some kind of pop-ups that will interrupt you so it has a windows lock key to stop upcoming pop-ups.

The Mouse is coming with a 3200 DPI Manta LED and has an Amazing aluminum body, Redgear manta series mouse gives you more personalization options with its software customizing includes macro editing, office shortcut, multimedia, and illumination mode.

Adjust and customize your keyboards and mouse light as day and night to perform to the fullest wherever you’re in office or in home.

  • Full Metal Body Gaming Keyboard
  • 3200 DPI LED Gaming Mouse
  • The mouse has an optical sensor
  • Speed 50ips (max)
  • Adjustable dpi Setting 800/1600/2000/3200
  • Dimensions 53 x 5 x 20.8 cm
  • Weight 966 g

3. Amkette Fire Blade RGB Keyboard and Mouse

Amkette Fire Blade Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


Give your PC a new look with the Amkette Fire Blade RGB budget Keyboard and Mouse Combo, these are coming with great features like this Gaming Keyboard for PCs and Macs comes with Elevated Non-Erasable Laser Engraved Keys and 19-Key Anti Ghosting allowing you to go on a Rampage with full confidence.

The Fireblade cheap Gaming Keyboard comes standard with the Windows Lock Key,12 Multimedia Keys, and USB Plug N’ Play, and it’s Rainbow Backlighting with Breathing Effects makes this Keyboard always visible and always looking good.

The Hyper 4800 DPI Sensor and 7 Programmable buttons let you easily adapt to your environment and helps you to dominate your opponents and Its Special Customizable Rainbow Lighting with 3 Breathing Effects ensures a mean and cool look.

These product are coming with hassle free 1-year manufacture warranty and you can get this under 2000 Rs. in India.

  • 10 Million Keystrokes a Spill-Resistant design
  • 1.5m Long Braided Cable
  • Magnetic Ring for precise data transmission
  • 19 Anti-Ghosting Keys
  • Windows Lock Key
  • Gaming Mouse with 4 Color Cycle Switching
  • 7 Programmable Macros Buttons
  • Up to 4800 DPI Sensor
  • Dimensions 35.8 x 12.7 x 1.3 cm

4. Cosmic Byte Dragon Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Cosmic Byte Dragon Fly RGB Budget Combo


Meet the Dragonfly combo by Cosmic Byte get jaw-dropping features under 2000 Rs. in India, made to withstand long gaming hours, this ultimate gaming combo is built for hardcore gamers, Get ready to plug and play with easy-to-install software and an on-cable controller that gives you full control of your game.

Aluminum alloy body provides you a smooth experience during games or typing as well, if you like RGB effects then I think this budget combo will be the best for you because this product coming with a 1-year manufacture warranty.

Its whole design gives you all day long gaming without getting any problem, full Size Keyboard & 7 Buttons Lightweight Mouse provides quick reflexes, making your gaming experience far better.

  • 8 RGB Effects on the Keyboard
  • Multimedia Shortcuts
  • Keyboard with Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Key Life 10 Million Keystrokes
  • Dimensions 38 x 17 x 3 cm
  • Weight 800 g

5. Zebronics Budget Zeb-Transformer Gaming Combo

Zebronics Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


Zebronics Budget Zeb Transformer Gaming Combo coming under 2000 Rs. in India, the keyboard has multicolor 4 LED mode 3 light mode and 1 off mode also has integrated media control windows key and you can disable all key and enable them by the one button.

The keyboard comes with an aluminum body and the mouse has a compact and ergonomic design, the mouse also has good build quality with a metal plate at the bottom both the keyboard and mouse come with a long braided cable with a high-quality USB connector.

Feel free to use this product because this combo coming with 1 year of manufacture warranty.

  • Multicolor LED
  • Integrated media control Windows key
  • All Keys Disable / Enable function
  • 2-steps stand design
  • Laser keycaps
  • Aluminum body
  • high-quality USB connector
  • Dimensions 13.3 x 7.2 x 4.2 cm

My Opinion

Here we are to talk about which is the best for you in these top 5 budget keyboards and mouse combo as your uses if you like RGB colors on the keyboard also in the mouse and you want a good design with durability and you’re a hardcore gamer then I think the Redgear Manta Budget Keyboard and Mouse will be the best one for you.

Now for those who don’t like very bright RGB lights but they’re also a gamer and they want a decent design keyboard and mouse in the budget then the Cosmic Byte Dragon Gaming Combo is the better option for you.

For those who just want a keyboard and mouse for typing and the official work but they like RGB lights so I think the HP KM300F Cheap Budget Combo will be a good option for you under 2000 Rs. in India.

Thank You For Your Visit, Have a Good Day.

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