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Watch iPhone Loot Video apple store america Oakland

Watch iPhone Loot Video apple store america Oakland
Written by Manoj Kadam
Watch iPhone Loot Video apple store america Oakland

Watch iPhone Loot Video apple store america Oakland

Many incidents of iPhone theft come to light every year. People make many efforts to get this Apple gadget. A video of iPhone robbery is going viral. It is being claimed that a person looted 40 iPhones from the Apple Store in Oakland, America. It can be seen in the video that the person keeps looting the iPhones set up for presentation in the Apple Store one by one. He pulls them out and stuffs them in his pockets. Some iPhones fall out, but he doesn't pick them up. In the end, he puts about half a dozen iPhones left in his hand into his pajamas and leaves the store.

It is being said that this robbery took place at an Apple Store in East Bay in Oakland. According to media reports, local police have confirmed that the video is of East Bay Apple Store.

This video has been shared by pmwtv on its Instagram handle. It is claimed in the video that the person has looted about 40 iPhones from the store. The surprising thing is that when the person came out of the store, the police car was there. After going some distance away, the person ran away in another car.

It is not confirmed which day the incident took place. The police have also not given much information in this matter. However, it is said that the police car that was parked outside the store was only to scare the criminals. Such cars are parked at various places, so that there is fear among the robbers. Well, looking at this case it seems that the person had no fear of the police car.

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The Apple Store where the robbery took place was closed for several months and was reopened this year. It seems that the accused had come with a lot of preparation for the robbery and after completing his work, he left the place comfortably.

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