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ChatGPT Fame OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired by Company

ChatGPT Fame OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired by Company
Written by Manoj Kadam
ChatGPT Fame OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired by Company

ChatGPT Fame OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired by Company

The board of OpenAI, the company that runs ChatGPT, which has been in the news in the last few months, has fired its CEO, Sam Altman, who was famous for generative AI. Mira Murati, Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI, will take over as interim CEO. The tech industry has been shocked by Sam's exit from the company.

OpenAI said that a CEO will be searched for the company. Employees of OpenAI got information about this big decision from the announcement made by the company and its blog. The company said in its blog, “Sam has been removed following a review conducted by the board. This review found that he was not serious about his communication with the board and this made it difficult for him to fulfill his responsibilities.” “Capacity was being constrained.” Generative AI trained on large amounts of data can create new content in a human-like manner. With this, science related assignments can be completed and novels can also be written.

Generative AI also has many disadvantages. By using it, cases of fraud are taking place and fake videos are also being made. Because of this, regulators in many countries are preparing to take strict action regarding this. The European Union has revised its AI Act and the US has started efforts for AI regulation. Cases of fraud have increased due to the use of generative AI in India. For this reason there is a demand to control it.

Microsoft, one of the largest software companies, has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI. Sam, who runs Y Combinator, is also an entrepreneur and investor. Sam, who became famous with Generative AI, had traveled to many countries this year. OpenAI or Sam could not be reached for comment. “I've had a great time at OpenAI. It was a big change for me personally,” Sam wrote in a post on social media platform

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