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Chrome Generative AI Features Unveiled for Better Browsing Experience

Chrome Generative AI Features Unveiled for Better Browsing Experience
Written by Manoj Kadam
Chrome Generative AI Features Unveiled for Better Browsing Experience

Chrome Generative AI Features Unveiled for Better Browsing Experience

Google is making many efforts to bring AI in its products and services. Since the launch of Gemini, Google has been actively using artificial intelligence based features in compatible products including Chrome and Android. Apart from several UI-based and performance updates, Google is also providing several new generative AI features for Chrome users. Google Chrome is introducing 3 Experience Generative AI features in its new release (M121). Users on Mac and Windows PC in the US can access these features.

Generative AI Features on Chrome

AI Tab Group: Along with enhancing the seamless browsing experience, the new update enhances the AI ​​power of the browser. The first feature, Tab Organizer, automatically suggests tab groups based on open tabs, improving the browsing experience. If you are looking for a new smartphone and in the process you have many tabs open, then this feature may be necessary. This will help group all the tabs related to smartphone search into one tab group. There has been no major change in the feature since the introduction of the Tab Groups feature last year. New generative AI features take the existing tab group feature to a new level.

Custom Themes with AI: The second feature allows users to create custom themes with AI using text-to-image diffusion model. From creating wallpapers to custom themes, Google is now working to increase the AI ​​capabilities of Chrome. This can be accessed in the US by going to the “Customize Chrome” side panel, clicking “Change theme,” and then clicking “Create with AI.” Users can add other information such as animation style and choose between multiple visual moods such as sirens. Users can also use uploaded photos to create new themes.

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Help me write: “Help Me Write,” an AI-based writing assistant feature, helps users draft content on the web with suggested text. It is set to be launched in next month's release. Users can right-click on a text box or field on any site and select “Help me write”. This will be helpful in providing suggested text and making tasks like reviews, RSVPs or inquiries easier and more user-friendly.

AI and ML integration, including the new AI model Gemini, is expected to improve Chrome in the future. New generative AI features are enhancing the functionality of Chrome browser as well as increasing the customization capability. To turn on these features, users should go to “Settings” and after signing in, go to the “Experimental AI” page.

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