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Features We Wish WhatsApp Had! WhatsApp had these features

Features We Wish WhatsApp Had!  WhatsApp had these features
Written by Manoj Kadam
Features We Wish WhatsApp Had!  WhatsApp had these features

Features We Wish WhatsApp Had! WhatsApp had these features

In the last few years, WhatsApp has become an important medium of communication between us and you. Be it family or friends, we talk to everyone through WhatsApp. Now the word SMS has disappeared from common parlance. Now everyone says, do it on WhatsApp. But this very popular messaging app does not have many features which are available on other platforms. We would like these features to be included in WhatsApp as soon as possible.

Now people have started using emoji more and more for general communication. But now emojis have also become old. Now is the time of stickers. Although stickers have not yet replaced emoji, they have also become a new means of communication. Today, it has become an important part of many messaging apps. In such a situation, it is very surprising that stickers are still not a part of the popular WhatsApp platform, especially when its owner company Facebook has made this feature available on its messenger platform.

private chat
Some chats or conversations are very personal for us. And we want to keep these chats away from everyone's sight. This is probably why many messaging apps come with incognito or private chat modes. With the help of these modes your chat remains secure. And away from others too. Some apps also have this feature that you will read the message once and it will be automatically deleted. If the user wishes, they can also set a time for the chat to be deleted. This feature is already available in apps like Line, WeChat and Google Allo.

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inapp wallet
Although the discussion is hot, but this feature has still not reached the WhatsApp platform. Hike Messenger had introduced this feature last month, beating WhatsApp. Payment service based on United Payments Interface has been launched on Hike Messenger. With the help of wallet, mobile users will be able to directly transfer money from one bank to another for free. It is expected that this feature will also come on WhatsApp as soon as possible.

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