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Google removing 17 features from Google Assistant from 26 january 2024 know details

Google removing 17 features from Google Assistant from 26 january 2024 know details
Written by Manoj Kadam
Google removing 17 features from Google Assistant from 26 january 2024 know details

Google removing 17 features from Google Assistant from 26 january 2024 know details

You too must have taken the help of Google Assistant at some time or the other. Voice Assistant is Google's popular assistant app which works through voice commands. But the company is now going to remove many features from it. Not one or two, but 17 features are going to be removed from Google Voice Assistant. The company has said that this change is being made to further improve the quality and reliability of Google Assistant. Let us know how the way Google Assistant works will change after removing 17 features.

Google's popular voice command app Google Assistant will see a big change in the coming days. The company is going to remove 17 features from it. These features will be removed from January 26. If you use these features after January 26, they will not be available. According to 9to5Google, by February 26, the company will have completely removed most of these features. Let us tell about them.

  • Audio books on Google Play Books can no longer be controlled through voice. But they can definitely be cast from mobile.
  • There is also bad news for those who are fond of cooking. Now cook management will not be possible here. Transferring recipes, instructional videos, and step by step guides are now being removed. But the recipe can definitely be searched online.
  • Media settings can no longer be done on Google Assistant. That means settings like media, music or radio and alarm etc. will not be managed through voice.
  • The company is also going to remove stopwatch management on smart displays and speakers. But here the feature of setting alarm and setting timer will continue.
  • Making voice calls to the device or broadcasting to Google Family Groups will no longer be possible. But broadcast will continue on devices inside the house.
  • You will no longer be able to send email, video, or audio messages through voice. But calling and sending text messages will continue.
  • Contact information cannot be sought through voice. But calls can be made.
  • Voice control activities will no longer be available on Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 devices.
  • Instead, now the user will have to use buttons for activity control. But voice control support will continue on Pixel Watch.
  • You will no longer be able to check your travel plans through voice. But you can check flight status.
  • Sending payment, making reservation, or posting anything on social media will no longer be possible through Google Assistant. But you will be able to open the app through voice assistant.
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All these changes are going to happen in Google Assistant. That means, in the coming few days, all these features will disappear from Google Assistant.

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