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How to make messages sent on WhatsApp disappear

How to make messages sent on WhatsApp disappear
Written by Manoj Kadam
How to make messages sent on WhatsApp disappear

How to make messages sent on WhatsApp disappear

Finally the wait is over and the feature which has been in demand for a long time is now available on WhatsApp. We are talking about WhatsApp's new feature Delete for Everyone. WhatsApp has released the new Delete for Everyone feature for all users. This feature will work only if both the users have the latest WhatsApp version.
After the introduction of the new 'Delete for Everyone' feature, users will not only be able to delete any sent message from their own phone, but the message will also be deleted from the phone of the person receiving the message. Apart from 'Delete for Everyone', users will also be able to see the 'Delete for Me' option. This option is for those who want to delete the messages only from their phone. “This message was deleted” will be written in place of the deleted message.

The new feature will work within 7 minutes of sending the message. After this it will not be possible to delete the message. For this the delete symbol has to be used.

How to delete a message in WhatsApp
1. First go to a chat
2. Now select the message which you want to delete.
3. After this tap on Delete shown at the top of the screen
4. Now select the option of Delete for everyone from the three options visible in the pop-up.

You can also select and delete multiple messages at once. The new feature will work with photos, videos, GIFs, voice messages, contacts, files, locations, quoted messages and status replies on WhatsApp. This feature works with all types of messages. For WhatsApp's new 'Delete for Everyone' feature, the person sending and receiving the message must have the latest version of Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app. If it is not so then this feature will not be supported.

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