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How to turn on/off Zoom audio notifications

How to turn on/off Zoom audio notifications
Written by Manoj Kadam
How to turn on/off Zoom audio notifications

How to turn on/off Zoom audio notifications


Due to the risk of COVID-19 infection, people nowadays are working from home. Apps like Zoom have a big contribution in this, which provide facilities like online meetings or school classes for children. Zoom has a very popular audio notification that lets you know when a participant has joined or left the meeting. This feature proves useful when you are waiting for someone to join. But this can become very irritating when you are participating in a very large group meeting and you keep getting notification sounds due to people coming and going. The sound of this notification is like a doorbell, which gives the feeling of someone ringing the doorbell in a real environment. But you can also mute it. It also has some features where you can either turn on notifications for everyone or just for the host and co-host. There is also an option to ask to record the user's voice to use this sound as a notification when someone connects via phone.

How to turn Zoom audio notifications on/off

Users can turn audio notifications on or off as per their convenience. This can be done either before the call starts or during the meeting. Even after turning off notifications, you still get an audio prompt when a user joins a meeting. This feature comes in handy when the user is waiting for someone and is also doing other work in between. This audio tune works as an alert. This is even more beneficial when you're not looking at a screen.
To turn off/on notifications on Zoom, see the steps given below.
If you're logged in to your Zoom account through a web browser, click Settings in the left-hand column. If you have logged in through Zoom app, then proceed in this order – profile icon > select Settings > View More Settings
Now in Settings, click on In Meeting (Basic) inside the left column and scroll down. Here look for the option labeled 'Sound Notification When Someone Joins or Leaves'. On this you can select either on or off.
Here you will see three options. The first option will have notification sounds for each participant, the second will have the option of notifications for the host and co-host, and the third will have the option to record the user's voice for notifications. This last option is only for participants who join by phone.

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