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How to use one WhatsApp account simultaneously on two smartphones

How to use one WhatsApp account simultaneously on two smartphones
Written by Manoj Kadam
How to use one WhatsApp account simultaneously on two smartphones

How to use one WhatsApp account simultaneously on two smartphones

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world today. And the creators of this app are constantly releasing new features in the app. But its biggest drawback or specialty is that WhatsApp cannot be used on only one phone with one phone number at a time. Due to the many security features of WhatsApp (especially after the recent introduction of two-step verification), it is not easy to run one account on two different phones. Because WhatsApp verifies the account only if you have an active phone number on your phone and if you do not have the number then it asks you to re-verify.

The same WhatsApp account usually does not work on two phones simultaneously. But today we will tell you a way by which you can use an active WhatsApp account on another mobile device very easily. However, the user interface of WhatsApp may seem a bit strange to you on other phones, but it can still be used. For this you will need only an internet connection in the second phone. No SIM card will be required.

1. First of all, open the web browser Chrome in the second phone on which you want to use your WhatsApp account. After this go to

2. In the mobile browser, you will now be automatically redirected to the home page of WhatsApp. Select the option of “Request desktop site” from the three dot menu visible at the top right side of the browser. And after this, the web page of WhatsApp Web will open with the QR code displayed.

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3. Now open the phone in which you have already installed WhatsApp and go to Settings. Then select “WhatsApp Web”. (Keep in mind that if you are using WhatsApp Web on any other browser, you will have to logout before proceeding.) After this, the QR scanner will open.

4.Now scan the QRcode visible on the second phone from your first phone (which has WhatsApp installed and active). After this, the WhatsApp account will be automatically logged in on WhatsApp Web in the other phone. After this you can use WhatsApp on two phones simultaneously.

whatsapp web

But, it is worth noting that by adopting this method, you can use WhatsApp only on one additional device (except the primary phone with WhatsApp installed). And to run WhatsApp on another device, you will have to logout from one. That means, activating WhatsApp with the same number on any third device will not work.

Another thing to note is that WhatsApp Web is not a full-featured replacement for the installed WhatsApp app. Therefore, you will not get many WhatsApp features in it. You will not receive notifications while using WhatsApp Web on other devices. And as we mentioned earlier, neither is its interface optimized for mobile. But for easy use and full view, you can switch the mobile to landscape.

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