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Lenovo launched 2 new laptops in MWC 2018, know the specification and price

Lenovo launched 2 new laptops in MWC 2018, know the specification and price
Written by Manoj Kadam
Lenovo launched 2 new laptops in MWC 2018, know the specification and price

Lenovo launched 2 new laptops in MWC 2018, know the specification and price

The process of launching one product after another continues in the 'Maha Samar' of technology MWC 2018. In this series, Lenovo has launched two new laptops of Yoga series. The company has launched Yoga 730 laptop in 13 and 15 inch variants. Apart from this, Yoga 530 laptop has also been launched. Lenovo Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 are also called Flex 14. They have been upgraded with Intel's 8th generation processor and Alexa support. The new Yoga 2 in 1 laptop is equipped with 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor. The 15-inch Yoga 730 includes the option of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics and a full-size keyboard. The new Yoga 730 laptop comes with an Ultra-HD IPS touchscreen, while the Yoga 530 also has a full HD touchscreen display. Their edges are thin. Along with the laptop, the user will also be given Lenovo Pen 2 as an option, whose sensitivity is 4,096 levels. Through this, users will be able to do things like write and draw.

Strengthening the security, Lenovo has provided an integrated fingerprint reader through Windows Hello. However, the company has made an even more interesting change in Yoga 730 by providing two voice enabled assistants. This feature has been possible only by adding new far-field microphones. Talking about weight, the 15 inch variant of Yoga 730 weighs 1.89 kg. Whereas, the weight of its 13 inch variant is 1.12 kg. Apart from this, the 14-inch Yoga 530 weighs 1.6 kg. Regarding the battery of 13 inch variant of the new Yoga 730, it is claimed that it will last for 11.5 hours. At the same time, the battery of 15 inch variant will keep the laptop 'alive' for 11 hours. Lenovo has claimed that its Yoga 530 and Yoga 730 (13 inch variant) have rapid charge technology, so that users will be able to comfortably use the laptop for 2 hours in 15 minutes of charging.

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Now coming to the price and availability. The price of 13-inch Yoga 730 including Lenovo Pen2 will start at around Rs 80,000. It will be available from April. Whereas purchasing the 15-inch model with Pen 2 will cost you around Rs 87,900. This will also be made available by April. The price of 14-inch Yoga 530 laptop will be around Rs 43,900. It will be made available in June. Keep in mind, the Yoga 530 is known as the Flex 14 in the US. Apart from this, let us tell you that Lenovo also displayed its 3 Chromebooks in MWC 2018. Let us tell you that the company has launched 100E, 300E and 500E in CES 2018 but now they have been made available for sale. New features include changed design, touch and pen.

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