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Make A ‘No Gadget Zones Inside Homes’, PM Modi Give Advice To Students

Make A ‘No Gadget Zones Inside Homes’, PM Modi Give Advice To Students
Written by Manoj Kadam
Make A ‘No Gadget Zones Inside Homes’, PM Modi Give Advice To Students

Make A ‘No Gadget Zones Inside Homes’, PM Modi Give Advice To Students

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon students to adopt a balanced lifestyle and make better competitive efforts. He said that a 'no gadget zone' should be created in homes so that quality time can be spent in the family without the interference of technology. He said that along with recharging the gadgets, it is important to recharge the body as well.

Modi drew attention to the importance of charging for mobile phones and adequate sleep for individuals during the annual 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' event. He said, “If your mobile needs charging, shouldn't you also keep your body charged? For this, getting proper sleep is very important. There should be a 'no gadget zone' inside the house. When you are with your family, If you are with someone and are sitting at the dining table, the phone should not be used to communicate.”

He said that there are three types of pressure on students – from peers, from parents and self-inflicted pressure. Modi said, “Many times children take pressure on themselves due to not being able to perform well. I suggest that you should set small goals during preparation and after that improve your performance. In this way you can improve your performance in the examinations. Will be fully prepared for.” He described students as the shapers of the future of the country. Modi said that 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' is like a test for him too.

In the seventh edition of this program organized before the examinations, Modi said that students have become more innovative than before. Students, parents and teachers are included in this program organized by the Education Ministry. Modi has also been emphasizing on increasing the use of technology. Recently, Modi had announced to provide 50 percent financial assistance from the central government to those setting up semiconductor manufacturing units in the country. Modi had said that his government has provided a lot of facilities for the semiconductor industry. He said that there will be strong growth of semiconductor industry in the country. An ecosystem is being prepared for the semiconductor industry.

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