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Nokia Purebook laptop series will be launched in India soon

Nokia Purebook laptop series will be launched in India soon
Written by Manoj Kadam
Nokia Purebook laptop series will be launched in India soon

Nokia Purebook laptop series will be launched in India soon

Nokia Purebook laptop series models will soon be launched in India, which has been revealed through Flipkart page. At present, it is not clear whether many Nokia PureBook models will be included in this laptop series or not, but if old leaks are to be believed, there will be about 9 laptop models in this series. The poster shared on Flipkart shows that this laptop will be very light in weight, strong in performance and will provide a great experience. However, no information has been shared about the specifications and price of the laptop yet, nor has its launch date been disclosed.

The specifications of Nokia Purebook have not been given on the Flipkart page, only the name of the laptop has been mentioned here. Its sale will be made available through e-commerce platform. In the post shared on Flipkart, it has been informed that this laptop will be 'Ultralight', 'Powerfur' and 'Immersive'. It also says that this laptop will be launched soon. However, the launch date has not been mentioned at the moment. Information has been given on Flipkart's laptop store page that this laptop will be “built for empowerment”. Apart from this, this laptop is shown in silver finish. At present, no information has been revealed regarding these laptop models, but according to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) listing, the Nokia PureBook series will include 9 models.

This series may include 9 models, whose model numbers may be NKi510UL82S, NKi510UL85S, NKi510UL165S, NKi510UL810S, NKi510UL1610S, NKi310UL41S, NKi310UL42S, NKi310UL82S and NKi310UL85S. It is believed that the 'NK' part in the model number refers to the Nokia brand and the rest of the alpha-numeric part refers to the processor. If this turns out to be true, then five models of the Nokia PureBook will come with Intel Core i5 processors and four models will come with Intel Core i3 processors. There can be speculation that it may use 10th generation Intel processor.

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Let us tell you, Nokia offers smartphones, smart TV models, feature phones, audio gear and other devices in its portfolio. In the month of July, the company introduced a Mesh Wi-Fi router system, named Beacon 1. At the same time, now the company seems to be entering a new venture with the PureBook series laptops. At present, Nokia has not made public any information related to PureBook laptops.

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