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Robot crushes man to death in south korea

Robot crushes man to death in south korea
Written by Manoj Kadam
Robot crushes man to death in south korea

Robot crushes man to death in south korea

The use of technology is increasing all over the world. Now robots are also working shoulder to shoulder with humans. But an incident that happened in South Korea surprised. There a robot killed a human being. All this happened just because of one mistake. In fact, he could not differentiate between a robot, a human being and a box. According to the news agency report, this happened due to a malfunction in the robotic arm.

According to South Korea's news agency Yonhap, the employee was checking the sensor operation of the robot at the time of the accident. Then the robot made a mistake. The robot's arms mistook the employee for a box. Caught him very tightly and threw him towards the automatic panel.

The employee's face and chest were badly crushed after being crushed by the robot. The employee was immediately taken to the hospital. There he was declared dead. According to media reports, the robot was being tested. Earlier also a defect in the robot's sensor was detected. For this reason the test was extended. Two days later, when the robot was tested again, an accident occurred.

The local police has registered the case and started investigation. After the detailed report comes, it will be known what was the internal reason of the accident. This is not the first incident of accident caused by robots. Many such cases have come to light so far, in which humans had to suffer losses due to robots.

Who is responsible for the incident in South Korea is a big topic of debate. There is no legal system in the world regarding such matters. Whether action should be taken against the robot or its creator is a big question. At present, the Korean police has sued the safety manager of the site. Further steps will be taken after investigation.

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