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traffic rules breaking is no more easy in Delhi govt to install AI based cameras

traffic rules breaking is no more easy in Delhi govt to install AI based cameras
Written by Manoj Kadam
traffic rules breaking is no more easy in Delhi govt to install AI based cameras

traffic rules breaking is no more easy in Delhi govt to install AI based cameras

From detecting triple riding in Delhi to people using phones while driving, from overage vehicles plying in the city to vehicles plying without a valid PUC, the Delhi government is using Artificial Intelligence to detect traffic rule violations. Planning to install based cameras. The entire project to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) based violation detection cameras is estimated to cost Rs 20 crore. The Transport Department of Delhi Government has issued a tender for the purchase of such cameras and supporting technology.

There will be improvement on the roads

To improve road safety on the roads, the department has started installing Integrated Traffic Enforcement Management System (ITMS) across Delhi, which will help in reducing accidents and related incidents with the help of advanced AI based video analytics technology based solution. . The objective of ITMS is to reduce the number of traffic violations, punish violators and spread road safety awareness in the areas, making Delhi's roads safer for both pedestrians and drivers.

Those who break the rules will be identified

The system will allow the operator to create traffic rules such as no heavy vehicles during specified times of the day for selected traffic junctions/cameras. The system will identify heavy vehicles and generate an alert if the vehicle is breaking the rules within the stipulated time frame. The system will keep track of the violation history of each vehicle and generate reports as per requirement.

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Traffic rules in Delhi include exceeding speed limit, riding without helmet, tripling, driving without seat belt, being on phone call while driving, carrying goods without cover, overloading for commercial vehicle, in wrong lane. These include driving, buses not plying in designated lanes, parking private vehicles on roads, parking or plying unregistered overage vehicles in public places, plying vehicles on roads without valid PUCC, etc. Apart from this, driving vehicles even when the Odd-Even Scheme or GRAP Stage III or GRAP Stage IV restrictions are in place is also a traffic violation. ITMS will provide multiple types of traffic violation detection using AI and deep learning based technology.

The ANPR software system will capture vehicles under license plates and vehicle categories such as car, heavy vehicle, three-wheeler, two-wheeler and bus etc. The system will save the license plate and vehicle category information for all transactions in the system database. ITMS will categorize the license plates into Good (readable), Bad (partially or completely illegible), Broken and No number license plates.

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