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Vaio launches 'fashionable laptop' C15 series

Vaio launches 'fashionable laptop' C15 series
Written by Manoj Kadam
Vaio launches 'fashionable laptop' C15 series

Vaio launches 'fashionable laptop' C15 series

Vaio has introduced the C15 range of its 'fashionable laptops'. These laptops have been launched with a very attractive design but if we talk about the hardware, these laptops disappoint.

Vaio is selling C15 series laptops in Sony stores from Mangalore at a starting price of 66,800 JPY (about Rs 43,000). This price is for the base model with 15.5 inch HD (1366×768 pixels) display. This laptop has Intel Celeron 3215U processor and 4 GB RAM. But according to the report of The Verge, these laptops will be sold at a price of 94,800 Japanese Yen (about Rs 61,000) in regular stores.

Vaio has also given the option to upgrade the laptop. Along with full HD display, these laptops will also be offered with an upgraded variant of 8 GB RAM. However, till now the company has not given any information regarding the price of the upgrade variant.

If we talk only about specification and performance, then there is no doubt that the C15 series laptops disappoint and do not stand anywhere in front of other laptops coming in this price range.

However, the company is not talking about hardware at all to sell these laptops. The company targets customers who are willing to pay high prices for laptops that are completely different from other laptops in terms of design.

VAIO C15 laptops are available in many color combinations like Yellow & Black, White & Copper, Orange & Khaki Navy & Grey. Let us tell you that in 2014, Sony sold its Vaio PC business to a Japanese investment fund.

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