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What is Gemini AI Why did Google delays its launch know

What is Gemini AI Why did Google delays its launch know
Written by Manoj Kadam
What is Gemini AI Why did Google delays its launch know

What is Gemini AI Why did Google delays its launch know


What is Gemini AI: Tech giant Google launches any product with great enthusiasm. Does not leave any scope for mistake. It seems that she does not want to leave any stone unturned in introducing her new AI system. The name of this AI system is Gemini AI. It is said that Gemini AI will compete directly with OpenAI's ChatGPT. Gemini AI was set to be launched next week and Google had decided to organize a series of events in California, New York and Washington. These events have been cancelled.

The Information reports that Gemini events have been canceled by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The company discovered that the AI ​​did not give correct answers to some non-English questions. It is being claimed that Google's AI model is not able to answer non-English questions correctly. Remember that this year Google had said that Gemini AI would be more capable than ChatGPT.

Obviously the company is taking even the slightest flaw in it seriously. Google had announced AI projects in its developer conference. There were speculations that Gemini AI would be introduced soon. Now this event is expected to take place in January.

According to the report, to make Gemini AI a better option than ChatGPT, support for languages ​​from around the world is necessary. Until Gemini AI becomes adept at giving accurate answers to non-English questions, the company will not want to bring it to the global market.

Talking about the present time, there is no popular tool that can compete with ChatGPT. OpenAI is directly benefiting from this. The company is also giving new features to its premium users. Recently it has launched SantaGPT, which is specially designed for Christmas.

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