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AI study Reveals every fingerprint is not unique

AI study Reveals every fingerprint is not unique
Written by Manoj Kadam
AI study Reveals every fingerprint is not unique

AI study Reveals every fingerprint is not unique

Fingerprint Study: Till now we have been hearing and reading that the fingerprint of every person's fingers is unique in itself. A study by Columbia University says the opposite. According to CNN report, a US university team trained an artificial intelligence program to analyze more than 60 thousand fingerprints. The objective was to find out which fingerprints belonged to a person. According to researchers, if the fingerprints belong to a person, then this system can detect with up to 90 percent accuracy.

Gabe Gua, an undergraduate student in the computer science program at Columbia University, led the research team on this topic. Professor Wenyao Xu of Buffalo University was also included with him. This study has been published in the Science Advances Journal and is different from what was thought till now about fingerprints.

During research it came to light that every fingerprint is not unique. There are similarities even in the fingerprints of different fingers. Researchers believe that the AI ​​tool has analyzed fingerprints differently than traditional techniques. The AI ​​has focused on the direction of the lines in the middle of the finger.

The authors associated with the research say that their data may be biased, but it is encouraging to discover new information about fingerprints. Such tools can help in many types of investigations. This can help in knowing what is the similarity or difference between the fingerprints found at the place of incident and the fingerprints of the accused.

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