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black hole size of 1 lakh times of sun devours star breaking into pieces

black hole size of 1 lakh times of sun devours star breaking into pieces
Written by Manoj Kadam
black hole size of 1 lakh times of sun devours star breaking into pieces

black hole size of 1 lakh times of sun devours star breaking into pieces

Space scientists have discovered a surprising phenomenon. Astronomers have seen a sun-like star dying, torn to pieces by a black hole repeatedly. That means the star was divided into pieces and eaten again and again! This black hole is said to be located 50 crore light years away. During this event, explosion-like lights were seen every 25 days. Due to this, researchers' attention was drawn towards it.

Black holes are a mystery in the world of space. No one knows what is inside it. It is said that no object or celestial body can pass through the black hole. Now a black hole has swallowed a sun-like star. The surprising thing is that this star has been swallowed in pieces. According to The Guardian report, researchers at the University of Leicester noticed a light that was shining very brightly every 25 days. It is said that when a black hole swallows the star, light bursts outside it which is called tidal disruption. But in this incident, light was seen flashing outside the black hole again and again. Which revealed that Black is swallowing that star in pieces!

The name of this star was Swift J0230. Scientists have told in their research that the behavior of the star was very different. Usually stars gradually die down by reducing their light. But this star emitted very bright light for 7 to 10 days before dying. It was doing this every 25 days and then finally it ended by giving explosive light. The research has been published in Nature Astronomy. Till now, this was a very different event from what scientists had understood about a black hole swallowing a star. Which has created a big gap in the information so far.

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Dr. Robert Iles Ferris at the University of Leicester reported that Swift J0230 was behaving differently. This star has burst into pieces. It did not end suddenly, as is usually the case when stars die. It has been said that every time the star was breaking into pieces, a portion of it equal to three Earths was being broken. This released a huge amount of energy, or heat, which would have been equivalent to 2 million degrees Celsius. It also emitted a large amount of X-rays. The size of the black hole that has swallowed it is said to be up to 1 lakh times the size of our Sun.

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