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Can aliens see us Shocking revelation in new study

Can aliens see us Shocking revelation in new study
Written by Manoj Kadam
Can aliens see us Shocking revelation in new study

Can aliens see us Shocking revelation in new study

Aliens: Our Earth is nothing compared to the vastness of the universe. Scientists around the world have been exploring the universe for years. Amidst all the discoveries, they also want to know where and how far the scope of life can be. This discovery has given evidence of the presence of aliens. Although most of the world believes that aliens do not exist. But if there are aliens, can they see us? This has been investigated in a new study.

According to the report of NDTV, this has been written about in a latest study in Acta Astronomica. Scientists suggest that advanced alien civilizations can see us, with better and latest technology than us. This can happen because the laws of physics that we know work everywhere in the universe. However, this does not confirm which place will be right for exploring space.

The study says that the signals sent from Earth into space, such as radio waves, will take thousands or millions of years to reach distant planets. If there are aliens out there and they are watching all this, then the aliens will be able to see our past and not our present. Research says that aliens can use optical interferometry and mega-telescopes to learn about us.

Even NASA, the world's largest space agency, is not completely sure whether there are aliens or not. NASA had formed an independent committee to investigate cases related to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Experts included in the team had said last year that they did not find any evidence that aliens were responsible for UFOs. However, NASA also said that it does not rule out such possibilities. This means that even if NASA has not found any evidence, the UFOs seen in the sky may be related to aliens.

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