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Climate Change We Caused Here will remain At Least 50000 Years

Climate Change We Caused Here will remain At Least 50000 Years
Written by Manoj Kadam
Climate Change We Caused Here will remain At Least 50000 Years

Climate Change We Caused Here will remain At Least 50000 Years


Major changes in seasonal activities due to climate change are now bringing news of tragedy every day. In the last few years, tremendous changes have been seen in the climate due to which the weather cycles have started changing. Activities like unseasonal rains, floods, tornadoes, landslides are taking a frightening form. The temperature of the earth is continuously increasing due to which natural disasters have started taking a worse form. Scientists are constantly searching for ways by which climate change can be controlled. Now a shocking thing related to this has come to light which says that this disturbance in the weather is going to last for the next 50 thousand years!

In fact, in February 2000, renowned scientist Paul Cruzen had said many things while speaking at the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, Mexico. One of these words was Anthropocene. This is said to be a geological era which has started changing the face of the earth due to excessive industrial approach. According to NDTV, it has been said that the impact of the industrialization going on right now is not only going to be suffered by us and the generations coming after us, but also by many generations. Maybe even after humanity is destroyed!
Cruzen has given many reasons behind this, including rapid cutting of forests, dams being built on big rivers around the world, over-exploitation of fish, excessive use of fertilizers for crops, continuous increase in greenhouse gases. There are some worrying things like the increase which is giving evidence of the beginning of Anthropocene. From the middle of the 20th century to the 21st century, global temperatures rose by half a degree. Here the figures are even more frightening. By 2022, the temperature will have increased by half a degree. Therefore, climate change has become one of the world's most frightening problems.

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The report says that the last 9 years have been the hottest records in the world. Its results are also emerging. Heatwaves, forest fires, floods, droughts etc. are all becoming witnesses to how unbalanced the earth's environment is becoming. According to scientists, the Anthropocene is now slowly moving towards its middle stage.

So why is the temperature increasing so much?
The reason is said to be the increase in green house gases. Man is currently mostly dependent on fossil fuels for energy. When scientist Paul Cruzen talked about this era in Mexico, the amount of carbon dioxide spread in the atmosphere was 370 parts per million (370 ppm). Which has now increased to 420 ppm. It is increasing at the rate of 2 ppm every year. Whereas before the Industrial Revolution it used to be 280 ppm. Scientists are saying that it is necessary to make huge efforts to stop this change. Carbon dioxide dissolved in the air and oceans will have to be eliminated. Emissions will have to be minimized. Otherwise the consequences are going to be very dire.

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