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Mysterious High-Speed Jet Stream on Jupiter Revealed by NASA

Mysterious High-Speed Jet Stream on Jupiter Revealed by NASA
Written by Manoj Kadam
Mysterious High-Speed Jet Stream on Jupiter Revealed by NASA

Mysterious High-Speed Jet Stream on Jupiter Revealed by NASA

For the last several years, the American space agency NASA has given important information about space. In this series, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has captured a surprising image of a high-speed jet stream in the atmosphere of Jupiter. Its width is 4,800 kilometers. It is present above Jupiter's equator.

The speed of this high-speed jet stream of Jupiter has been measured at about 515 kilometers per hour. According to the James Webb Space Telescope website, this can reveal what kind of uneven atmosphere this planet has. Regarding this, Ricardo Hueso, a professor at a university in Spain and the lead author of the paper detailing the findings, said, “We were surprised by this image. We had seen faint fog in the atmosphere of Jupiter before. This The image is quite clear and we can track it along with Jupiter's rapid rotation.”

The research team has analyzed this image captured in July last year. Recently NASA shared a surprising image of Deception Island located on the Antarctic Peninsula. It is the only place in the world where ships can sail directly into an active volcano. NASA had written in the caption of this image shared on Instagram, “Satellite image of Deception Island surrounded by blue waters of the ocean. There are rocks and mountains on this island and there is white snow on some peaks. From a place below it, the ship directly Can go to the center of the island.” The upper part of the volcano is visible in this image. This image was captured a few years ago. Deception Island is one of two active volcanoes in the Antarctic. More than 20 explosions have occurred in it since the 19th century.

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This place is very secluded but it is quite popular among tourists in Antarctica. More than 15,000 tourists visit this place every year. The island was also used for whale and seal hunting during World War II. There are also scientific research stations on Deception Island. However, some of these have been destroyed due to volcanic eruptions.

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