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Now if you lose your phone, don't panic, clap or whistle

Now if you lose your phone, don't panic, clap or whistle
Written by Manoj Kadam
Now if you lose your phone, don't panic, clap or whistle

Now if you lose your phone, don't panic, clap or whistle

There is no need to tell how much space smartphones have taken in our lives. In the daily hustle and bustle, the phone gets lost due to a little carelessness. Many times we forget to keep our phones inside the office or at home. In such a situation, most of the users ring from some other phone. And if the phone is on silent mode, a lot of time is wasted in finding the phone. But do you know, by using some interesting apps you can avoid getting troubled in such a situation. We are recommending you these apps on the basis of good ratings and user reviews on Google Play Store. Using these you can locate a lost phone by whistling or clapping:

Clap to Find

As can be guessed from the name, this app is able to locate the phone by recognizing the sound of clap. It has been claimed that this app is activated by the user's clap and it is known where the phone is kept. In case the phone is lost anywhere in the office or home, the user has to clap 3 times at a time. Sound, vibrate and flash alert modes have been provided in it. When the user's phone is on silent mode, this app will start working automatically. If clapping is already happening somewhere, you can go to its settings and do 'clap pause'. It has been claimed about the app that it also reduces battery consumption significantly.

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Phone Finder on Clap

In terms of finding the phone, this app is almost similar to the previous app. This app named Clap Phone Finder has been claimed to be helpful in case you lose your phone inside your room or office. This app recognizes the sound of clapping and quickly starts ringing an alarm on the phone.

Whistle & Find – Phone Finder

With the help of this app, you can find your lost phone by whistling. You can select a selected ringtone or soundfile through the app. When you whistle when you lose your phone, this tone will ring and you will not waste time searching for it. Especially in case of mute, this app can prove helpful in locating your phone. After installing the app, you have to turn on whistle detection and select a ringtone. Its rating on Google Play Store is 4.2.

Whistle Phone Finder

Through this app you can also find your phone by whistling. It is similar to the previous app which works by detecting whistles. After activating it, in case the phone is lost, the phone will start ringing as soon as the user whistles. And if you have made changes in the settings then the vibration and flash of the phone will turn on. Suppose you are riding a car or bike and suddenly you want to know whether the phone is in your pocket or not, then you can know by whistling and vibration. However, if you are at home or in the dark, it will be convenient to keep the flash on.

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Family Locator – GPS Tracker

This is a bit different from the clap and whistle app. This app uses GPS to locate the phone. It is capable of locating and tracking lost phones inside and outside the house. It has been claimed that this app is capable of tracking both Android and iOS devices. A website version of this app has also been created for the convenience of registered users.

This app also has a unique feature. Through this you can create a circle of your family members, friends and office colleagues. You can locate this circle in real time. This will update users in the circle about your location (if they're using the app) and you. Its rating on Google Play Store is 4.4.

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