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scientists found How stars sing a unique song in space

scientists found How stars sing a unique song in space
Written by Manoj Kadam
scientists found How stars sing a unique song in space

scientists found How stars sing a unique song in space

Everyone becomes fascinated by the beauty of twinkling stars at night. But have you thought that these stars might also be singing? Yes, how would it be if along with the twinkling of the stars, their hum can also be heard! Space scientists are doing a study on this, in which it has been expressed that soon the hum of stars will also be heard. Let us know what this new study says.

Researchers at Northwestern University have conducted a new study. Which talks about the hum of the stars. According to The Week, researchers are studying a way to convert the twinkle of stars into sound, after which the twinkling of stars can also be heard. According to science, the twinkling of stars is due to the Earth's atmospheric layer. Starlight penetrates the atmospheric layer and reaches inside, due to which the light appears twinkling. But scientists now say stars also have an intrinsic “twinkle.” This is due to the gas waves present on their surface. Telescopes have not been able to catch it yet.

The team of researchers is working on such a mission in which a 3D map of the energy reaching the surface from within the star can be prepared. Going one step further with this research, scientists have tried to convert gaseous waves into sound waves. After this the humming sound of the stars can be heard clearly. Explaining the reason for this, scientists have said that this happens in the convention zone of stars, where gaseous churning takes place. It carries heat outwards from the center of the star. It is like a storm gets energy, the cold air sinks downwards, then gets heated and rises up again.

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Such movements create waves, which create the twinkling of stars that we can see on Earth. For this the waves are being isolated. So that this vibration of the stars can be heard clearly. Therefore, very soon scientists can also present the hum of stars to the world.

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